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From our offices in Milwaukie, Oregon, we gladly offer our customers application assistance on all the HVAC equipment we represent. Every day, we help consultants, contractors and end-users select the most appropriate equipment for the specific application.

Serving southwest Washington and the State of Oregon since 1996, we have over 50 years of combined experience in HVAC product application. Take a look at our Product List for an overview of the products available for your application! If you would like to reach West Coast Air Products Inc., please click the CONTACT US button, or:


Phone: (503) 786-1412
Fax: (503) 786-1413


We take great pride in the associations we have with the manufacturers we represent. Every firm we work with offers exceptional product quality, responsive customer service and great technical support. In addition, most of these manufacturers have over 30 years of design and production experience that comes in handy when custom applications are required.


Feel free to send e-mail requests and we will respond promptly, making every effort to meet your needs.

For application assistance on new or existing projects, questions about on-going projects, pricing assistance, upcoming bids or general inquiries about West Coast Air Products:


E-mail:  Info@wcap-inc.com

For order status and tracking:

E-mail:  CustomerService@wcap-inc.com


For questions about billing:

E-mail: Billing@wcap-inc.com

For installation and operation information:

E-mail: Parts@wcap-inc.com


For parts pricing and availability:  (see note below)

E-mail: Parts@wcap-inc.com

Note:  Include as much information as possible about the existing equipment, including:

Ø Nameplate Information (photo is preferred)

Ø Model and Serial Number of Existing Unit

Ø Voltage/Phase/Number of Stages or Steps

Ø “Special Feature Codes” (Duct Heaters)

Ø “MFG Date Code” (Duct Heaters)






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