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Representing manufacturers of the following products and equipment:



Acoustical Products:
Sound Attenuators
Acoustical Louvers
Plenums & Housings



Air Distribution Products:
Custom Linear Diffusers
Grilles, Registers &

Security Bars & Grilles
Terminal Units



Air Handling Equipment:
Modular Air Handlers
Energy Recovery Units
Fan-Coil Units / Cabinet Fans
Roof Curbs



Fire & Smoke Control

Barometric / Gravity
Motorized / Control



Duct Accessories:
Access Panels & Doors

Plenum Access Doors

Wall & Ceiling Access Panels

Remote Control Damper Operators


Fans & Blowers:
Axial Fans

Centrifugal Fans & Blowers
Roof Ventilators

Roof Curbs



Filter Products:
Side-Access Housings
Media Filtration
Gas-Phase Filtration
HEPA Filters & Fan Units

Bag-In/Bag-Out Housings

Fan-Filter Units



Gas Detection & Control:
Gas Detection Equipment
Vehicle Exhaust Systems
Welding Exhaust Systems
Self-Contained Breathing App.
Calibration Kits



Gas-Fired Equipment:

Direct-Fired Make-Up Air Units

Indirect-Fired Make-Up Air Units

Duct Furnaces

Evaporative Coolers


Heating Equipment:
Electric Heaters
  Duct / Wall / Cabinet / Unit
Energy Recovery Wheels
Gas-fired Furnaces
Hydronic Coils
Steam Coils



Humidification Equipment:
Air/water Atomizers
Airless Atomizers
Direct Steam Systems
Electric & Electrode Steam
Gas-fired Steam



Louvers & Ventilators:
Stationary / Adjustable / Combo
Acoustical Louvers
Louvered Penthouses
Gravity Ventilators
Roof Curbs



Vibration Isolation:

Equipment Isolators

Seismic Restraints

Engineering Support




 E-mail us at info@wcap-inc.com for information about our products.



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